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Meter Reading

required meter clearance
Meter Accessibility

At Riverport Electric, we consider the safety of our customers and technicians our number one priority. The safety of our meter readers may be compromised if pets, ice, snow, shrubs, tools or equipment interfere with access to your electrical meter. We appreciate the assistance you provide in ensuring our technicians complete their work day safely.

There may be other reasons why the area around a meter is unsafe for reading. Toys, garden hoses, construction materials and trash can cause trip and fall accidents to occur. You can help prevent accidents by maintaining a clear path to your meter and keeping the area in front of the meter open and free of anything that can block a clear view.

Meters must have a clear and unrestricted path for access at all times.

The center of the meter must not be higher than 1.8 m or lower than 1.4 m from the floor or ground level. Outdoor meters and metering equipment must be of weatherproof construction or in weatherproof enclosures.

Meters should not be located in areas which are inconvenient to enter or where privacy is desired.

A clear working space of 1.0 m minimum must be provided in front of all meter panels, free of any temporary or permanent obstruction. 

Have the vegetation around your meter trimmed on a regular basis. Never try to trim vegetation around electrical equipment yourself.

Passageways and working space around electrical equipment shall not be used for storage and must be kept free from obstruction.

For multiple meter installations, as in apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial complexes, etc., the meters shall be conveniently grouped and readily accessible to Meter Readers and Installers during normal business hours.

Every meter shall be installed in a level position and solidly fixed to a wall or other support supplied by the customer, free from excessive vibration.

For temporary service enclosures the meter base shall be installed on the outside of the weatherproof box.

Estimating your bill

Why It May Be Necessary To Estimate Your Bill

Riverport Electric understands the importance of accurate meter readings. However, there may be times when your energy usage may be estimated. This may occur as a result of severe weather conditions or the inability to read your meter safely. Alternatively, you can submit your reading online.

Access is vital for you and your meter reader. Providing safe access to your utility meter is the best way to ensure you receive reliable and accurately billed service. In cases where meter readers feel unsafe, they may not enter a property to obtain natural gas or electric reads, resulting in estimated billing. With estimated bills you may have a record of lower than actual usage, leading to a “catch-up” bill, or higher than actual usage, requiring a larger payment.

Reading your meter

Your electric meter is designed to accurately measure the amount of electricity your home is using. A digital meter records electricity usage in the same manner that a car’s odometer records mileage. You read the numbers from left to right.

By reading your own meter, you can monitor the electricity you use. To determine how much electricity you have used over a certain period of time, simply subtract the previous reading from your current reading.  Submit your  meter reading.

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