POWER OUTAGE LINE:  902-543-2502

Service Contract

Riverport Electric Light Commission (RELC) is committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable power. Despite our best efforts, RELC cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity, and there are times when power outages or voltage fluctuation may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. If damages to your property are caused by weather related outages or other causes beyond our control, RELC is not responsible and you will not be eligible for compensation. If damages to your personal effects were caused by RELC negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. In these cases, you will have to complete a Damage Claim Submission Form.
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  • Conditions of Service Contract:
  • 1. I/we, the undersigned, hereby apply to Riverport Electric Light Commission (hereinafter called “RELC”) for electric service and agree to accept and pay for such service according to the rates, rules, and regulations and any amendments of RELC from time to time in force while such service is provided.
  • 2. I/we agree to pay all rates and charges authorized from time to time by RELC for the classification of service that is now or hereafter applicable to me/us.
  • 3. RELC reserves the right to discontinue the supply of power to my/our premises upon default by me/us of performance of any of the conditions set forth hereunder or the regulations authorized from time to time by RELC, including if the account(s) remains unpaid for more than sixty (60 days) after the date of billing.
  • 4. RELC agrees to use reasonable diligence in providing regular and uninterrupted service, but it does not guarantee a constant or uninterrupted supply of power or maintenance of unvaried frequencies or voltages and will not be liable for damages to my/our premises by reason of any failure in respect thereto.
  • 5. All appliances, wires, and apparatuses located beyond the point of connection to RELC’s service wires shall be supplied by me/us and RELC shall not be responsible in any way beyond the point of connection and shall incur no liability for damages that may be caused to persons or property due to high voltage, electric current, and/or the presence of its wires or equipment due to any cause whatsoever.
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